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Kuilei Place

Affordable Sale Program

Learn More about HHFDC's Affordable Sales Program

Take these steps to learn more about who is eligible and how you can qualify.

Applicants must meet all HHFDC eligibility and household income requirements with units subject to HHFDC's Use, Sale and Transfer Restrictions ('Buyback') and Shared Appreciation Equity ('SAE') Program restrictions.

Ten Steps to Homeownership

  1. Attend an Educational Seminar.

  2. Download an application.
    (Link coming soon)

  3. Gather your financial documents.

  4. Meet with a project-approved lender to obtain a pre-qualification letter.

  5. Upload your completed application. If you have questions about the project, contact your sales associate.

  6. Be on the lookout for your HHFDC approval and determined priority group.

  7. A lottery will determine your selection order.

  8. A Priority Selection Number (PSN) will then be assigned to you.

  9. Select your home based on your PSN.

  10. Sign a contract for your new home.

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Kuilei Place

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